How do you choose the restaurants you list?

We work hard to bring you the best restaurants and the hardest to get reservations. We work with passionate chefs and restauranteurs who are excited to have you as their guests. We focus on quality and only bring you restaurants we believe operate at the highest standards of culinary excellence. Among our restaurant partners the style may vary but the commitment to excellence doesn’t.

When can I make DINR reservations?

You can make reservations for DINR restaurants every day of the week, but only for that same day.

Can I cancel a DINR reservation?

Of course! We want you to have as much flexibility as possible. However, you can only make one (1) cancellation per day. We’ll even send you a reminder 2.5 hrs prior to your reservation just in case you’ve forgotten. All we ask is that you give us 2 hrs notice if you have to cancel and that you show up no later than 20 minutes after the scheduled reservation time.

Why is a credit card required?

Our users consist of accountable diners who don’t want to plan in advance. In order to secure these last minute availabilities, we use your credit card to guarantee our restaurant partners that you will respect your reservation. If you don’t fulfill your reservation, that’s a no-show and we may charge your card – it’s only fair.

How much is the no-show payment?

The no-show charge is $30.00 per person. If you fail to cancel your reservation or don't show up and our partners can’t fill your seats, you may be subject to this charge.

I presented myself for my reservation but still see a charge on my credit card. Why?

We authorize your card $1.00 in order to guarantee your reservation. We need to make sure that funds are available on the card that's linked to your account before the booking can be accepted. In most cases, your bank should reflect the release almost instantly, however, some financial institutions take longer than others.

Why should I use DINR?

If you're tired of calling to make dinner reservations weeks in advance, use DINR to land a last-minute spot at the best restaurants – it's easy.

What does it mean when there are two times listed (i.e. 6:30pm to 9:00pm)?

This means that the restaurant has an availability for that specific time window. The restaurant will be expecting you at 6:30pm and will need the seats at 9:00pm for another reservation.

What does it mean when there is a range for the number of people in the availability (i.e. 2-4pp)?

This means you can be any party size that fits in the range i.e. 2, 3 or 4 people in this example. You’ll be able to choose your precise party size before completing the reservation.

Can I book a table for less people than the amount stated in the availability? I.e. availability for 4pp, actual party size only 2pp.

If the availability is fixed (i.e. 4pp @ table), your party size must be the same size. If you arrive at the restaurant with less people than you reserved for, the restaurant may charge you $30 per missing diner or cancel your reservation.

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